Mosborough Fun Camp

Mosborough Fun Camp

June 8, 2009 | Nathan Reid

Interserve Active8’s holiday fun camp ran for 3 days during the half term break. Throughout the camp various activities were done including play, games and creative activities. There was also an element of free choice in the activities and with the sun beaming down we ventured outside onto the fields for more fun play.

Some of the creative work was really imaginative and the children & staff really enjoyed these activities and it was great to blow off steam outside, thanks for the daisy chains everyone!!!

We have numerous games that we play as part of the fun with the games designed to get the group active and having fun. Various forms of rounders, cricket and other sports made the day competitive, and again the highlight for everyone involved was FLIES & LIZARDS!!! (One day I will win). We had some new faces that attended this camp who got on extremely well with the ‘old clan’ to make the camp an enjoyable experience for all.

The creative activities included drawing, colouring, cutting, painting and more. Some of the animals made were fantastic as were the masks and pictures. No one could quite work out the magic trick even though there were some pretty close attempts!!!

Myself on behalf of Active8 would like to thank all the participants for making the camp enjoyable and their parents/guardians for bringing them to the camp. Also a thank you to Nicola & Kwesi for helping out as well as our new starter Beth.

We look forward to seeing you all throughout the summer. As soon as we have the dates confirmed we will let you all know.