Active8 Sheffield Summer Football Tournament 2015 – Week 1

Active8 Sheffield Summer Football Tournament 2015 – Week 1

June 10, 2015 |

Active8’s Summer 11-a-side Football Tournament kicked off on Tuesday 2nd June 2015. The first game was hosted at our King Edwards Community Sports Centre and 16 goals were scored in the opening week of the tournament.

Hallam and Jack-in-a-box FC started off the competition on Tuesday evening. Jack-in-a-box dominated the first half with Hallam’s midfield struggling to cope with the intensity of a keen to impress Jack-in-a-box team. It wasn’t long before their dominance turned into a goal as Jack-in-a-box took the lead through Gelsthorpe. The goal seemed to wake Hallam up as Fern equalised soon after with a wonderfully worked goal to make it 1 – 1 at HT. 30 minutes into the second half and the game was much more even with both sides having a good share of possession and the scores remaining the same. However Jack-in-a-box FC were able to engineer the breakthrough and after taking the lead they added a further two goals with Gelsthorpe getting his second, Mitchell & Stewart completed the scoring.

Wednesday’s fixture saw Active8 Sheffield take on Devonshire FC in a repeat of the final for the last two years and as always this game lived up to the hype. Although Active8 were seen by many as tournament favourites they tend to take a few games to get going and wouldn’t have welcomed the opener against there close friends Devonshire FC. The game started in the normal style with Devonshire dominating the opening minutes with there free flowing football and Active8 happy to soak up the pressure offering sporadic attacks which made Devonshire aware of the threat they were up against. Active8 began to impose themselves on the game a bit more after the 15 minute mark and this resulted in a wave of attacks which saw Jamie Smith’s first sniff of goal and from 20 yards out he made no mistake curling a delightful effort into the corner of the net. Devonshire didn’t let going behind stop them playing football and they were duly rewarded for there efforts with a well worked yet debateable equaliser. On this occasion possession wasn’t key and Devonshire went for a more direct approach which appeared to catch the referee off guard and Nick Owen chased a long ball to square to his strike partner Sam Read who happily tapped home to see the game level at halftime. The second half saw spells of possession for both teams with little chances created and a breakaway goal saw Devonshire win the game 2 – 1 with Garetty getting the winner with 10 minutes to spare.

On Thursday it was Norton Oaks welcoming FC Pockets to the tournament and this game saw Norton Oaks dominate the game from the off with there hard work and suficating style of play being to much for FC Pockets and the newcomers were trailing 4- 1 at half time. It was more of the same in the second half as Norton Oaks went on to win 8 – 2 and the winners goals coming from Billy Ireland 2, Ste Scott 2, Danny Reet, Danny Clinton, Dale Watts & Andy Dawson the visitors replied through Steve Taylor and Carl Blackburn.

We look forward to seeing how week two unfolds with some exciting fixtures going ahead as FC Pockets take on Jack-in-a-box & Norton Oaks FC host Devonshire FC. This week’s friendly game will see Norton Oaks fielding a side to take on our Active8 team on Wednesday evening. Remember you can keep up to date with all of the tournament’s news and goals by following.

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