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Join us at

November 4, 2014 |


Come and join Active8-Sheffield and a whole collection of other sports and activity driven people in the community on this local networking site.

FunMeFit encourages people within the local communities to get active both physically and socially the site provides information about what is available to get involved in within the wider communities of Sheffield. This site is a fantastic way of keeping up to date with all of the news, clubs and activities taking place, whether you are looking to find an activity or club to join, to get tips on healthy living for your family, to promote physical activity to others or to advertise your own club this site is the place to do it.

With a variety of clubs, activities and sports listings all based in your local areas you are sure to find new exciting ways to help your family and friends find ways to get active and occupied in your leisure time.

The site also provides opportunities for clubs, venues and hosts to advertise themselves to other site users, and build relationships with businesses, organisations and individuals and create working relationships as well as seek business support with marketing, this site is a free networking opportunity not to be missed.

We at Active8-Sheffield will be using the site to connect with the local businesses, sports clubs and individuals in Sheffield and provide additional information about all of our venues, activities and events happening in the coming year.
You can take a look at our profile and all of the great work achieved by FunMeFit at: