King Edwards Tennis, Badminton & Fun Camp

King Edwards Tennis, Badminton & Fun Camp

September 23, 2009 | Nathan Reid

Interserve Active8 ran their first tennis, badminton & fun camps during the summer period. Richard Furness a qualified tennis coach came into run the sessions and offer his expertise to the groups. Luckily all but one of the days the weather held up so we could use the outdoor facilities for tennis.

Throughout the day we did various relay and tag games to warm up, followed by the favourite dodgeball challenge before getting out the tennis rackets and practicing skills, shots then playing some games. There was a huge improvement over the weeks as the groups confidence rose and some of the group will now be attending some tennis coaching sessions. After lunch more warm up games were done followed by some badminton practice & a mini tournament. The tournaments allowed everyone to play each other no matter of age or ability in a short, fun format.

Again thank you to everyone who participated and showed support throughout the summer, for making these sessions enjoyable and we hope to see you all again on future camps.

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