Mosborough Fun Camp

Mosborough Fun Camp

April 19, 2010 | Nathan Reid

ACTIVE ALVIN rocked into the Mosborugh fun camp over the half term to the delight of the children that attended.  Alvin showed off his new dance moves to the background music ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and a chorus of ALVIN, ALVIN, ALVIN from the kids.  Some of the kids got the chance to have a boogy with Alvin before he had to be on his way.  He did however manage to get some photos taken with the group.

The 6 day camp proved to be the most successful since we started running with consistently high numbers joining in the fun!  Even Mr Dickinson the school caretaker joined in a game of heads, shoulders, knees and toes to prove he still had what it takes.

Various arts and crafts were done throughout the camp including some origami and also chinese lanterns.  These looked fantastic and the kids were able to take there efforts home to show off.

Included in the fun were some competitions that involved a mixture of sharades and win, lose or draw!  The groups found this to be a success and challenge whilst also sharing a giggle with each other.

As always some of the favourite games were done in the hall including foxes & rabbits, flies & lizards & musical mats.  We were lucky enough to have mainly dry weather with some of the days being pretty warm.  This allowed us to venture outside where we could play a variety of games outside.  Walking the plank with sharky sharkies awaiting to jump proved very popular.

Thank you to everyone involved in the camp, making it such a fun place to be.  This includes the kids, parents, staff & school and we look forward to seeing you all for the next camp in the holidays.

If you would like any further information on the next holiday camp or the saturday club please Contact Us.

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