Mosborough Fun Camp

Mosborough Fun Camp

May 10, 2013 | Nathan Reid

Fun at Camp

With the Easter holidays bringing a two week break the Mosborough Fun Camps were run over six days, much to the pleasure of the children.

The activities on offer included board games such as Battleships, Guess Who and Buckaroo. Children also had to opportunity to explore their arts and crafts talents with colouring sheets, drawing equipment and Lego to develop their inner architect.

Activities also took place in the hall, allowing for more activity and energy to be displayed by the children. The ever popular Dodgeball was, as always, in high demand and children also enjoyed playing a spot of quick cricket.

These Easter camps also saw the re-introduction of the obstacle course races. Obstacles included climbing over benches, passing through a hoop and hopping all while carrying an egg and spoon. The obstacle course races were all very tightly contested indeed. With each team winning one of the opening four races there was only one option…a decider. This had to be the most difficult of all the courses, so the blindfolds were introduced. The children had to guide each other around several obstacles, to retrieve a bean bag, and then get back to the beginning. This race was neck-and-neck between the yellows and the greens, until the yellows pulled away on the last leg to snatch the victory.

After the obstacle course races and due to some warmer weather gracing the camps this time around, the activities also spread to the outdoors. In the fresh air the children played sports, such as football and basketball. Others enjoyed skipping and climbing in the play area, whilst others explored the nature trail to try and discover the plants and animals that make this area their home.

A huge thanks to all who came to the camps and made them such a massive success. We hope to see everyone again next time during the May half-term for more fun and activities.