Mosborough Fun Camp

Mosborough Fun Camp

August 28, 2013 | Nathan Reid

July had arrived and it was that time of year again… School was out for summer!  Active8 Sheffield were there to help out all parents with the weeks ahead and our Mosborough Holiday Fun Camps were underway.  The camps ran through 4 weeks of the summer and we were all happy to see the smiling faces of the children, some familiar and a few newbies along the way.

With numbers high from day one, the days were packed with fun-filled team games and a big focus was placed on bonding and friendship of the group.  The scorching weather on many days allowed for lots of outdoor fun and the children could open their lungs and fill them with fresh air.  Our active and friendly staff organised various activities to keep the kids entertained throughout – these varied from relay races to artwork competitions and from our ever-loved dodgeball to a debut for Active8’s own Mosborough’s Got Talent/M-Factor singing and dancing competition.  The latter was a welcomed change and provided both staff and children with the opportunity to see their peers show off their beautiful voices and silky smooth dance moves.  With solo efforts to group performances, everyone was impressed and picking a winner became a difficult feat.

The team ethic aspect of the weeks meant that the children experienced a sense of camaraderie and value within their group.  Children remained in the same groups all day and were each given a role within their teams.  Examples of roles ranged from group leader to strategy manager and every single child took part with bags of enthusiasm.

The four weeks ran as smooth as ever and the children all seemed to have a great time with us.  We want to give a personal thank you to all that attended, be it for one day or all the way through.  It is great to have so many different faces coming through our doors and we look forward to seeing you all again during the next school holidays in October.

See you soon