Summer Fun Camp 2010

Summer Fun Camp 2010

September 8, 2010 | Nathan Reid
The Kids Favourite

Active8 enjoyed its most successful camp yet at Mosborough during the summer holidays. 

For 5 weeks over the summer every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we would all congregate at the school from 10.00 am for a fun filled day.  71 different children attended the camp at some point during the holidays, the vast majority being from the school itself.  We were fortunate to have some fantastic weather meaning lots of time outdoors on both yards.  We also spent time in the hall playing various games, the dining room was used for various games and crafts too.  For the first time we also had access to the computer room where we could use a variety of applications.  The choice was varied throughout the group, some deciding to play games on the CBBC site, others were happy challenging themselves on the educational based activities.

However the most popular game throughout the whole summer proved to be the dodge-ball.  We played various versions of the game and each one to great excitement.  All in all the summer camp ran superbly and the children were great fun to work with.  A big thank you again goes out to all the participants, their parents/guardians, the fun camp staff and the school.  We hope as always that the excellent participation can be maintained over the holidays to come and we all continue to enjoy the success.