Active8 In The Community

Active8 In The Community

June 16, 2009 | Nathan Reid

Throughout the previous school term active8 have continued our new venture working in the community and with local schools. So far there has been a very positive response and we hope this will continue for a long time to come.

Active8 went into local primary schools to work within their classroom environment and also ran clubs that linked into the extended schools & healthy lifestyles. The scheme proved beneficial to all parties and was a huge success. We again hope that we will be able to improve these links over the coming terms.

We have also helped children to improve their gross motor skills through enjoyable learning experiences, helping develop reading levels as well as assisting in the sports lessons.

Some of the children produced cards and pictures at the end of the session to show how much they appreciated and enjoyed the time active8 spent with them. Please see below.

Active8 has now started running sessions in conjunction with S.N.I.P.S (Special Needs Inclusion Playcare Services) providing activities for their children. So far there has again been a positive response and we are looking forward to progressing these sessions further in the future, as this is a great learning curve for everyone involved and is beneficial to the workers, participants and the local communities.

If you think the work Active8 are doing may benefit you, or if you feel you would like to work with Active8 please email us at

Please check the website for further details and updates of our work within the community.