Keeping Fit

Keeping Fit

February 1, 2017 |

Here at Active8-Sheffield our facility spaces are extremely adaptable to a wide variety of sports. They provide fantastic opportunities to come down and host your own sporting sessions including trampolining sessions. Below are 6 fantastic benefits trampolining can do to your mind and body.

The Benefits of Trampolining

  • PROPER CARDIO: it’s much like HIIT training in the sense that it’s very Surprisingly so – jumping about with vigorous fun, but that enjoyment lulls you into a false sense of security, as very quickly you realise how tired you are, and just how quickly it’s gotten the pulse moving! Drink plenty of water when dispatching your trampoline session, as you can quickly dehydrate given the intensity!
  • SQUAT: it’s basically ‘squat jumping’, which is a fabulous way to engage the majority of the lower body, as well as parts of the torso!
  • LOWER IMPACT: running can impose a multiple of your bodyweight, increase it by up to 4x, which in turn imparts a huge stress on your lower body. Whereas trampolining is thought to be just 20% as strenuous on your joints compared to running on a road. Arguably, it’s thought that the subtle stress it imparts on the bones causes a strengthening response from them, so by trampolining regularly, you’ll be encouraging a stronger skeleton!
  • COORDINATION: You have to concentrate to get the body to react precisely as you’d wish whilst it’s in the air. It involves a simultaneous consideration of balance, bounce, position and planning the next few moves!
  • BALANCE: The unstable surface engages stabilising muscles which you might not otherwise activate, helping to firm the whole body, as it targets more than just a single muscle – unlike a machine might at the gym. You’ll be working the Abdominals, the Glutes, the Quads, The Hamstrings… It’s arguably a very well-rounded workout!
  • HAPPINESS: There is a noticeable endorphin release when you trampoline. There’s something immensely satisfying about the rebounding sensation, especially when combined with the activity-stimulated joy of the workout – it’s hard to feel anything other than ‘really great!’, so why not give it a try, if for nothing other than to mix up your fitness routine with a bit of newness?!

Changing the way you workout can be the success to your future. You can try these methods by using our facilities.