Grow your confidence in English and Maths for Free with Power Up South Yorkshire

Grow your confidence in English and Maths for Free with Power Up South Yorkshire

November 10, 2014 | Horace Benjamin


If you lack confidence in your maths and English skills, these completely free sessions will help you to lose the fear of those every day tasks which terrify you, such as reading out loud or helping the kids with their homework.

Power Up is a new training programme designed to cater for the workers of South Yorkshire, offering a positive learning environment for you to boost your reading, writing and number skills, turning those everyday tasks you hate into a walk in the park.

The specialist resources and small learning classes are flexible and allow you to be supported in the way that you learn and your specific requirements.

The Power Up course will allow you to do the following:

• Improve your maths skills and get better with using numbers at work for everyday tasks.
• Improve your written, presentation and spoken communication skills.
• Increase your confidence by successfully learning new things.
• Feel more confident in helping your children with their homework.
• Strengthen your CV and career prospects with maths and English qualifications.

If you are currently employed (for eight hours or more) and/or volunteer in a business in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster or Barnsley and surrounding areas, and are over the age of 19 you could be eligible for this free course.

Courses will run subject to interest at Tapton/ King Edwards Community Sports Centres ( S10 5RG). If you are interested and what to learn more about the courses get in touch with Power Up today.

Call 0333 444 1004
Text ‘POWER‘ to 80011 and we’ll call you back