Mosborough Fun Camp

Mosborough Fun Camp

June 8, 2010 | Nathan Reid

Spring Bank Half Term produced a mixture of weather.  During the fun camp at Mosborough we got stuck indoors on the first day, when the rain started to bounce down.  However this was not a problem with some challenging assault courses and skills circuits in the hall.  The parachute games were plenty of fun but the ‘tent’ didn’t quite take shape.  We also played some relay races, musical mats and foxes and rabbits. 

We did get a couple of fantastic days where we went outside onto the top yard in the mornings.  The climbing apparatus got some use, cricket and football were played along with the stilts, skipping ropes, bouncy balls, frisbees and catch. 

In the afternoons we sailed the pirate ship and played various tag games.  We finished off with a mass game of tiggy ball to tire everyone out (specially the staff) before home time.

When we had our rest time some very interesting animations were made, alongside the board games and lego etc that we have. 

We will again be running the camps in the summer holidays, keep checking for updates and if you would like to receive any information on what we will be doing then please contact us with your query and contact information. 

Thanks again to the staff, children, parents/guardians and the school for working together to make the camps so successful and enjoyable. 

Hopefully see you all soon

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